Surprise! Debbie is 70! {boston area event photographer}

Tammy found me through my friend Amanda and I’m so glad she did! It’s been a long time since I stopped photographing weddings, so a fun, reception/party situation was a sweet addition to my season.

From the minute Tammy’s mom Debbie walked through the door and was greeting with cheers at her surprise party, it was clear that she is very loved. You could see it in her beaming smile as she regarded all her friends in the room, welcoming them and yelling with joy to one “I thought you were in Florida!”. The admiration of her could be seen in the faces of her friends and family beaming back at her, hugging her, and dancing with her when the doo-wop group showed up and performed.

May we all have a fun party like this at some point in our lifetime!
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Fall Session Day 2012

Last weekend, I hosted what I hope will be an annual event - Fall Session Day!  While our initial plan was to have the event (a day filled with half-hour photo sessions) take place at Endicott Park, a Boy Scout event was going to happen on that same day at Endicott. Not wanting to take on the challenge of working around hundreds little uniformed boys, I switched the location to Lynch Park in Beverly. Although it was chilly, it was a great day. It was so nice to see families that I have worked with in the past and meet some new people too!  Everyone did such a great job during their sessions. We had toddlers and teens and itty-bitty babies too, and all our sessions still went smoothly, even with that distracting, tempting playground luring some away from the camera!

I'm so very grateful for my wonderful clients. I really do enjoy working with all of you!  Thanks for making it such a fun and I felt, successful day!

What to do? What to wear?

Wondering how to prepare for your engagement photo session?  Well, I was directed to a great blog entry HERE, which I'm going to share with you here almost in it's entirety, almost completely verbatim (along with some of my peanut gallery comments added in)! So, here are some things to keep in mind when you are prepping for your session (and in many ways, this is applicable for any session with CSP) 1. Outfits. There are so many different ways to go on this, and so much different advice out there. So I’m going to stick to the top three bits of clothing advice we like to offer.

a) Don’t wear a lot of solid white. Especially anything big and bulky and all-white. Just don’t do it. White adds ten pounds on camera. It’s an optical illusion at its meanest. Now, that said, this is not THE RULE. If you have a white outfit that you feel you look fantastic in and makes you feel gorgeous? Wear it.

b) Complimenting each other without being matchy-matchy. The key is to select colors that compliment each other and are in the same color family, but aren't identical. Showing who you are with your own personal style is important. Then, choose something for him that matches you.


D)  Yes to color and yes to great shoes! And accessories! If you're looking for an excuse to buy that dress you've always wanted but can't find a reason to buy one, a photo shoot is a good reason.

2. Be yourself.

A) Be happy. Be in love. You know how PDA (Public Displays of Affection, for those who haven’t been to high school in awhile) kind-of grosses people out? It doesn’t gross us out. So squeeze each other tight. Let the joy in. Remember how you felt the first time he said I love you. Remember your first date. Whatever gets you to that happy place. These are your rite-of-passage-pictures! Work the love!

b) I stole this from Jasmine Star (don’t judge, haters. She’s the coolest person ever and you wish you were her). Smile with your eyes. It works.

c) Open up and let us into that bond that the two of you share. We all put up walls in public and with those we’ve just met to keep ourselves from being humiliated. But we WANT to see the real you. Goofy, dorky, the fabulous model you were in your past life, whatever you are. We can skip the I’m normal facade. You don’t have to be.

3) Enjoy yourself and have fun!

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