advice for your newborn session


Your bundle of joy is on their way or it has already arrived? Here are some things to keep in mind as your little one experiences their first photo session;

What are you looking for? My style of newborn photography is a combination of lifestyle and documentary photography. You will receive lots of direction, but I also love to come into a home and be a fly on the wall. I want your photos to be about you and the new bond you have with your baby. Lots of photos will be taken of your baby alone, prop-free. I won't be jamming your baby into baskets or hanging them from tree branches. Please take a look at past sessions I've had with newborns to ensure my style is right for you. NEWBORNS


Schedule Your Session  When you know you'd like to work with me, get in touch ASAP. You can do this before the baby arrives to give me a heads up of their general arrival date, then get in touch with me again as soon as your little one arrives so we can schedule an appointment soon. For convenience and comfort, your session will take place in your own home. 

I'm on my way to you. Now what?  Thanks to my years of newspaper photography experience, I have shot in all kinds of scenarios. You've just had a baby, which means you're likely stressed and sleep-deprived. When I come to your home, I do not expect a spotless locale!  I will, however, likely move things around so we can get the best shots possible (but don't worry, I'll replace everything before I leave).

We'll follow the light. Natural light is the best light, so please open all your shades and curtains before I arrive. This will help me figure out all our location options within your home. It could be a hallway, it could be the kitchen. It is often more than one spot and I will likely make use of many if not al of them.

Temperature Your little one just came out of 98.6 degree oven. They like it warm, so unless it's summer and your home is already rather warm, I recommend turning your heat up so they aren't uncomfortable if they're being photographed in just a onesie, or a diaper, or nothing. Which brings me to my next suggestion...

Clothing  To help keep your baby comfy, I suggest keeping clothing as fussy-free as possible. If you want to incorporate hats or headbands, go for it, but try not to be too disappointed if you little one protests and it needs to be removed. Bold colors help photos pop, but too much pattern can be a distraction from the star of the photo. For family photos, avoid being too matchy matchy with each other. You have personality! Show it by wearing whatever makes you feel good. Are you having one of those Can't Find Anything Good to Wear days (see above about being sleep-deprived and stressed)? Choose a color you know works well on you, keeping in mind that paler colors can wash you out and should be avoided. Back to baby; if you want naked shots of your little one, loosen their diaper about an hour before I arrive to avoid lots of marks on their skin when we disrobe them. If you want shots of your baby in just diapers, it's a good idea to have a cloth diaper, diaper cover, or bloomers for asthetic purposes.


Feed Me!  Well, don't feed me (although if you feel compelled I love cheese and anything chocolatey), but rather, be sure to feed and burp your baby before I arrive so they're nice and comfy and satiated as we get started. We can, and will, stop at any time to feed them more if the need arises. Same goes for diaper changes. 

Siblings If you have older siblings to be included in the session, please have someone on hand who can take them when they're not involved in the session. Usually, I'll have them hop into shots intermittently. If they are milling around during the entire session they are bound to get bored (and possibly disturb the peace). 

Put Your Phone Away While I realize my main subjects can’t focus beyond three feet, it’s important that all eyes are on me with no distractions so I can deliver the quality work you’ve hired me for. It can also really slow down the flow of a session if someone is popping in to take photos with their own camera or phone.

Relax When you are stressed your baby senses it. Relax and trust that I'm going to take great photos of you, your family, and your new baby! I'm very comfortable holding and working with my littlest clients so never fear, your baby is safe with me. A good amount of your session time may be dedicated to changing diapers, feeding, and calming your baby. That's normal. If you're baby is squirmy or upset, that's normal too. We'll take a break so you can hold them in their favorite blanket or walk around and bounce them in that perfect way that helps settle them. 

Be Patient A calm baby is key and that starts with you, but it's also not something we can always predict or control (welcome to parenthood!). Maybe you dreamt of sleepy baby photos but your little one is wide awake. That's OK! Big eyed baby photos are beautiful too. Unexpected things happen all the time during sessions, but we can work with it, and in the end, you'll have a great little collection of images for ever and always! 

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