European Adventure

I feel really fortunate to have super friends and to be able to travel. Annually, I join two of my friends, Nirvi and Libby, on a girls trip somewhere. In the past we have visited Leesburg, VA (lovely shops and great wineries!), New Orleans, Puerto Rico, and Quebec.

This past year (because she's wicked smaht), Nirvi was promoted from her role at Politico in DC to Politico in Brussles, Belgium (Oh no! We'll just have to have the girls trip in Europe this year!). 

Nirvi, Libby and I spent a few days in Paris (though Libby, who hails from FL, was delayed a day by Hurricane Matthew). Then Libby and I continued on to Nice, France where we were joined by her friend Samantha for a few days. After that, Libby went back to the States and I visited Nirvi in Brussels.  And then, since I was over there anyway so why not, I traveled to Barcelona for a few days alone, because I've always wanted to go there.

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I thought I'd share some personal photos this time. These are from a recent trip to Florida to see friends and participate in the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. My friend Shannon and I chose to "paint" (really it's drawing with pastels) a character from the movie The Book Of Life.

While I was visiting, I went with my friend Libby to Miami to a neighborhood called Winwood Walls. It's an amazing place where most of the buildings have murals on them. Public art is good stuff!

Adventures in Puerto Rico {travel photography}

Today's posting is a personal one. Every year I travel with my friends Nirvi and Libby. Last year it was New Orleans, this year we decided on Puerto Rico. We were not disappointed!

It's a beautiful island. We had wonderful meals. We saw great sites; the old forts throughout the city, the bioluminescence off the island of Vieques (and took a tiny plane ride to get there), El Yunque National Rainforest, to name a few.