BU Fall in Review {Boston Photographer}

Since I'm on a roll. Well, definitely not on a roll, but posting, I'll share images from the fall on the BU campus. I think the highlight was seeing and photographing Will Lautzenheiser  with his new arms. Amazing!

CASE Award

I was excited and surprised to get a message from my friend Shannon on my FB page earlier in the week, "Sooooo...I understand BU did damn good in CASE. How about that?" It took me a while to track down the results of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education's 2013 Circle of Excellence results, and I was confused when I found them, actually. It took me a moment to realize how well I'd done, and I'm really grateful for that. Also very cool? My coworker Vernon came in second!

Here are the images I entered.

All are copyrighted Boston University.

BU Update

I have nothing to say here except that I am a slacker and have fallen way behind in my BU work updates. Here's a glance at the last five months or so.  

March and April at Boston University

for more, visit www.bu.edu/today

January and February

Here are some images I shot which ran in various BU publications and websites in the months of January and February.