Kristin and Co. {Boston Family Portrait Photographer}

Kristin, her husband Will and their four legged Cocoa met me at the wonderful Wright's Pond for a session. Unfortunately, they brought their really difficult and ugly kids Hanley and Davis (insert sarcasm font here).  At the risk of sounding like a sixteen year old, they were adorbs!

Brr, It's COLD Out Here! {Boston Portrait Photographer}

but you wouldn't know it to look at Jenny, Greg and Andy, because they dealt with our chilly session at the Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary in Belmont like total troopers!  This edit is a small one because I don't want to ruin the plot of their holiday cards. I especially like the first shot with Mr. Lion. I'm a fan of the inclusion of our stuffed friends. 

Fall Sessions 2014 {Boston Portrait Photographer}

With the cute kid factor off the charts, beautiful weather and perfect fall leaves, this year's fall sessions were a great success! My clients were rock stars, taking on the crazy Salem traffic and even a rain delay in the middle of the day. Salem Willows Park was a new location for CSP and it served my current and new clients well, I thought!  

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Amy's Family {Boston Family Portraits}

The last time I saw Amy with her kids in my parents neighborhood where they live, Fiona was a baby and Aidan was a toddler not really talking much. My how time changes things! My favorite quote of the session (aside from the kids impersonating the intro to AFV "And now here's your host! Tommmmm Bergeroooooooonnnnn!") was when Fiona looked up at her mom and said "You look like a pirate princess!"

And P.S. I wanna find Fiona's white top in my size.

Abby and Her Family

I had the privilege of photographing Abby and her family again in Hingham. The last time we met, it was just Abby and her mom Alyssa, with Charlotte on the way. How nice to meet the whole family this time! If only we could all be as happy as Abby seems to always be. She's such a ray of sunshine (and I'm not just saying that because she's a fellow-redhead)!

Fall Session Day 2012

Last weekend, I hosted what I hope will be an annual event - Fall Session Day!  While our initial plan was to have the event (a day filled with half-hour photo sessions) take place at Endicott Park, a Boy Scout event was going to happen on that same day at Endicott. Not wanting to take on the challenge of working around hundreds little uniformed boys, I switched the location to Lynch Park in Beverly. Although it was chilly, it was a great day. It was so nice to see families that I have worked with in the past and meet some new people too!  Everyone did such a great job during their sessions. We had toddlers and teens and itty-bitty babies too, and all our sessions still went smoothly, even with that distracting, tempting playground luring some away from the camera!

I'm so very grateful for my wonderful clients. I really do enjoy working with all of you!  Thanks for making it such a fun and I felt, successful day!

Heather and Jeff

I met Heather and Jeff on the Boston Common. I mean, I didn't literally meet them there...we planned it. Oh, you know what I mean! We wandered the common for a bit and when rain led us under a bridge (and a bunch of other people too, making it impossible to keep shooting) we chatted about this and that. Heather is a (saint!) second grade teacher. Jeff is a doctor. What kind of doctor?

A surgeon!

What kind of surgeon?

An orthopedic surgeon.

Oh? Where?

At Mass General.

Oh, yeah?


Do you know Dr. Smith?

Yes, I work with him!

Oh, cause he put this in me! (here's the part where I over-share and pull out my keychain which has on it a small strip of metal which Dr. Smith put in years ago and then took out nine months later).

Fortunately, Jeff doesn't seem phased about this, or my game of "Can You Guess Where It Came Out Of?". He thinks for a while, but because of it's odd bend at the end, he is stumped and I win the game "My collarbone!" I spill the answer.

He is appropriately impressed as is Heather.

The rain stops and so does my talking about myself and my ridiculous injury and we get back to taking pictures of this beautiful couple. And I do mean beautiful. I have the pics to prove it...