Holidays! {Boston Portrait Photographer}

I've been a bit neglectful of this here blog, so here is a little slideshow of some photos I shot for clients seeking holiday pics. Not wanting to share photos which clients might want to share themselves on their holiday cards, I decided to keep them to myself til after the new year. I think it's safe now. Also for your viewing pleasure is my own silly holiday card featuring my pup Harlow!

Brr, It's COLD Out Here! {Boston Portrait Photographer}

but you wouldn't know it to look at Jenny, Greg and Andy, because they dealt with our chilly session at the Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary in Belmont like total troopers!  This edit is a small one because I don't want to ruin the plot of their holiday cards. I especially like the first shot with Mr. Lion. I'm a fan of the inclusion of our stuffed friends. 

Fall Sessions 2014 {Boston Portrait Photographer}

With the cute kid factor off the charts, beautiful weather and perfect fall leaves, this year's fall sessions were a great success! My clients were rock stars, taking on the crazy Salem traffic and even a rain delay in the middle of the day. Salem Willows Park was a new location for CSP and it served my current and new clients well, I thought!  

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Lynch Park with Sandi's Family!

It's always a great thing when clients come back for more.  I was so flattered to hear that Sandi enjoyed her family's session and the photos that resulted last year so much that she wanted to book another session this year. Hooray! This time we decided to check out Lynch Park in Beverly. We couldn't have asked for a better scenario; the temperature outside was just right and the light was perfect!

I love to see from year to year how the kids have grown, too. And have I mentioned how grateful I am to have so many awesome clients?


Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Abby and her mom, Alyssa. We had attempted to connect for our session the week before but we were rained out. So, last weekend, although a bit overcast, was a go! I met the two at Weir River Farm for the session and had a very nice time wandering the grounds, playing a bit of Simon Says and checkin' out the cows. Abby's outfit was too cute, and Alyssa informed me that Abby had chosen it herself, which of course made me like the two of them even more.

Sessions with Little Ones

I often get asked by my clients what they can expect from their session and how they should prepare. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to make a little entry about this very topic. Things to keep in mind when you're having a session with Cydney Scott Photography. 1. Wardrobe is important. Think layers, patterns and accessories. Don't overdue it by covering your two year old with bangles, but try to avoid too much plain, and try to avoid uncomfortable. You won't get natural shots of your child if they are uncomfortable with what they are wearing. dressing your child (or letting them dress themselves!) to show their personality can really add to their photos.

When it comes to babies, be minimalist. Put them in something simple so the baby doesn't get overshadowed by a showy outfit. As for props and staging; I often just use what I find in your home. By doing this, it gives your photos a personal touch that's relevant to your family.

Noah sports some cool layers and sneaks with character.


With Liam's simple onesie, we are drawn to his eyes and not layers of clothes.


When it comes to family sessions, avoid being too matchy matchy. It doesn't let your family's fun-loving personality come-out if you're all wearing the same exact outfit. Wear colors that work together but are not exactly the same.

2. If you are relaxed, your child will be relaxed.  How would you feel if you had multiple people barking at you to "smile!". Not so great, right?  So come to your sessions with an open mind and breathe deep. Not all wonderful photos are of kids smiling right into the camera.  Sing a song or tell a knock knock joke that you know you're kid will find funny. Make silly faces. Or, simply take a walk and leave it to me!

3. Go into your session with an open mind. Your session might include lots of moving around. I might plop your kids in the middle of your bed (provided you don't mind) and let them jump around for some fun action shots, or maybe on my way to your home I notice an interesting stone wall in your neighborhood. We may end up takin' a walk to hang out on that wall.  This helps you get a variety of shots, and it keeps things fresh and helps prevent boredom. Alternatively, I may come into your home and find everything we need for the perfect session is right there in front of me. You just never know. Just remember to go with the flow and enjoy the experience!

4. Have on hand a favorite toy or two. Their stuffed bunny might seem ratty, but they add to the photos a great deal if it's something your little one loves.

5. When the family's all together for a photo, don't worry too much about the camera. You don't always have to be looking right into the lens. Sit with your child and tickle them, chat with them, sing a little song with them, read them a book. Those moment shots are often the best kind of family pics!

Your children grow-up fast. I want you to enjoy your session as much as I love being able to help you preserve those fleeting moments for you!





What to do? What to wear?

Wondering how to prepare for your engagement photo session?  Well, I was directed to a great blog entry HERE, which I'm going to share with you here almost in it's entirety, almost completely verbatim (along with some of my peanut gallery comments added in)! So, here are some things to keep in mind when you are prepping for your session (and in many ways, this is applicable for any session with CSP) 1. Outfits. There are so many different ways to go on this, and so much different advice out there. So I’m going to stick to the top three bits of clothing advice we like to offer.

a) Don’t wear a lot of solid white. Especially anything big and bulky and all-white. Just don’t do it. White adds ten pounds on camera. It’s an optical illusion at its meanest. Now, that said, this is not THE RULE. If you have a white outfit that you feel you look fantastic in and makes you feel gorgeous? Wear it.

b) Complimenting each other without being matchy-matchy. The key is to select colors that compliment each other and are in the same color family, but aren't identical. Showing who you are with your own personal style is important. Then, choose something for him that matches you.


D)  Yes to color and yes to great shoes! And accessories! If you're looking for an excuse to buy that dress you've always wanted but can't find a reason to buy one, a photo shoot is a good reason.

2. Be yourself.

A) Be happy. Be in love. You know how PDA (Public Displays of Affection, for those who haven’t been to high school in awhile) kind-of grosses people out? It doesn’t gross us out. So squeeze each other tight. Let the joy in. Remember how you felt the first time he said I love you. Remember your first date. Whatever gets you to that happy place. These are your rite-of-passage-pictures! Work the love!

b) I stole this from Jasmine Star (don’t judge, haters. She’s the coolest person ever and you wish you were her). Smile with your eyes. It works.

c) Open up and let us into that bond that the two of you share. We all put up walls in public and with those we’ve just met to keep ourselves from being humiliated. But we WANT to see the real you. Goofy, dorky, the fabulous model you were in your past life, whatever you are. We can skip the I’m normal facade. You don’t have to be.

3) Enjoy yourself and have fun!

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