Myles is Here and Lily, Too! Sibling Photos Take on The World

Photographing six week old Myles was a breeze. His parents Joe and Emily are fun and relaxed, and you can't go wrong with a beautiful, bright little space in which to work.

The lively and spunky three year old sister is just a bonus. There's nothing like a joyous moving target to keep a happy photographer on her toes!

Holidays! {Boston Portrait Photographer}

I've been a bit neglectful of this here blog, so here is a little slideshow of some photos I shot for clients seeking holiday pics. Not wanting to share photos which clients might want to share themselves on their holiday cards, I decided to keep them to myself til after the new year. I think it's safe now. Also for your viewing pleasure is my own silly holiday card featuring my pup Harlow!

Jocelyn {Boston Newborn Photography}

This is three-and-a-half week old Jocelyn who I met just this past weekend.  She was one happy and contented little girl, let me tell you. And pretty darn cute to boot. I had a great time photographing her sweet face (complete with dimples) in her parents' cool South Boston home.

Brayden {Boston Newborn Photographer}

Four years ago I photographed Kristin and Benjamin's wedding. I always love to hear from past clients so I was really happy when Kristin dropped me a line a few weeks ago to let me know it was time to photograph their two month old, Brayden! They opted to not find out what gender he would be, so he had the cutest owl-themed gender neutral room. So fun!

CHV of Johnson String Instrument {Boston Event Photographer}

Carriage House Violins has been a client of mine for a while and I love working with this full service string instrument shop in Newton Upper Falls. Recently, they were bought by Johnson String Instrument, and I was happy to photograph the grande re-opening of Carriage House Violins or Johnson String Instrument. The day entailed lots of performances mostly by Boston area kids' groups, which was so much fun. The kids had such pride in their accomplishment!  And the evening had grown-up performers of exceptional talent (I'm sure they're proud of their accomplishments, too). All the while visitors could nosh on yummy apps, enjoy the music floating through the building,  and explore the company's beautiful new expanded space.

Amy's Family {Boston Family Portraits}

The last time I saw Amy with her kids in my parents neighborhood where they live, Fiona was a baby and Aidan was a toddler not really talking much. My how time changes things! My favorite quote of the session (aside from the kids impersonating the intro to AFV "And now here's your host! Tommmmm Bergeroooooooonnnnn!") was when Fiona looked up at her mom and said "You look like a pirate princess!"

And P.S. I wanna find Fiona's white top in my size.

Chris and Sam {Family Photographer Boston}

Sam is the Mayor of Adorableland and his twin brother Chris is the Baron von Cuteness of the area. I photographed their mom and dad back when they got hitched on a very very cold but happy day. And now, here are the boys, joining in on their parents' fun and silly antics.

Beth and Drew

Beth and I knew each other back in middle school. We went through high school together and grew up and went our ways, so when I heard from her about her simple, lovely wedding at our town hall, I was honored that she thought of me! And I was totally impressed with her and Drew's ability to rise to the occasion of their wedding portraits. You wouldn't know to look at them that the temperatures were in the teens!  Brrr!

I also love how their wacky senses of humor come through.

The Hochbergs

So, I'm on vacation this week, but as I have booked a few sessions it is clear that I am not very good at actually BEING on vacation. No matter! I love my clients and I am happy to get them some nice photos of themselves and their families.

My friend Donna, who I went to high school with and see regularly still today, hired me to photograph her family as a gift to her mom. What a nice daughter!

It was fun to see her extended family since I don't normally see them and as I recall, her brother Sam was in diapers the last time I saw him (hopefully he never sees this blog entry since I'm not so sure how thrilled he'd be that I just typed, look at the nice pictures below! Distract distract!).

Donna bought a home a few years ago and with it a barn. In that barn - this very cool blue door. So, of course we used it!

It was a fun session, and poor sleepy Max, who was dangerously close to naptime managed to hang in there just fine for it. Well done little one!