Hugh, Tom, Tia and Matthew!

Hugh got in touch with me for some photos of his family...and their very large Mountain dogs. Hugh knows of me through my brother who is an employee of Hugh's, but also, Hugh won a photo session of mine at the Blossoms At The Beebe a few years ago. He kindly gave it to his sister. A few photos (man, did I ever edit tightly!?) can be seen HERE I arrived at their home and was immediately greeted my their massive and very sweet puppies. The children, Matthew, 4, and Tia, 7, were great kids, and energetic and wonderful photo subjects!  I learned quickly that the best way to get a genuine smile out of Matthew was by threatening him, "Whatever you do, Matthew, donnnnnnn't laugh!"

This was followed by his peels of laughter.

Since they live in my town, I asked Tia where she went to school. "Walton" she said.  That's where I went! I told her.  And she replied "Did you have Miss (So-and-So)?"

This was followed my my peels of laughter.