Jacob, 4, greeted me at the door.  I like to chat it up with the little ones to help them feel more comfortable about the fact that a complete stranger is in their home with a bag full of heavy gear which they will momentarily be sticking in their face. I also like to roam the house a bit to get ideas on places to shoot. I did this by asking Jacob if he would be so kind as to give me a tour.  He obliged happily, wandering through his home, pointing this way and that, presenting the various spaces and the items within it "This is the livingroon. That's a vase. There's my lunch. Here's the laundry room! And this is the kitchen again." What can I say, I'm really excited about the outcome of this session. We took a solid hour to get the collection (which I had trouble editing down to a manageable amount last night). Jacob, Sadie, 9 weeks, Rachal and Andy were photogenic and had great light in and around their home. The made my job easy!