Love and Music

John and Peter used to live in my parents’ neighborhood. I was always pleased to bump into them at weddings we were all working at, and at various community events. They moved to the countryside a little while ago, so I was happy to hear they’d won a bid on a photo shoot with me a while back at a local fundraiser before they moved. Now that I no longer shoot weddings and they have moved away, I do not see their friendly faces much at all anymore.

Since their auction win allowed them to use their session in any way they like, we created a smorgasbord photo session. II had a blast making a headshot for Peter who is a practitioner of Structural Integration, in addition to playing the violin, and a headshot for John who plays cello. The minute I saw their cool practice space, I knew I would need to shoot John a bit more extensively, and he obliged. And of course, we made use of the time to get awesome shots of the two of them together too!

Quite productive!

Johnson String Catalog

If you’ve visited my blog recently you may have already caught a glimpse of the shots I took for Johnson String Instrument . I wanted to share how those images got used in their annual catalog for 2019-20.

The catalog was designed by Pat Nieshoff Design, and you can see the full catalog HERE.

As always, click to enlarge the images.


Just a sampling from a shoot I did recently for Johnson String Instrument annual catalog. Everybody was great to work with, as always. C, in the jeans top, was charming and has the most amazing skin! And E, in the red and white dress (and on the big comfy chair), I mean c’mon! How can you not smile when you see it’s clear that she loves to laugh? (Oh, and the grown-ups were fine to work with too )

Johnson String Instruments

I've been working with Johnson String Instrument for many years now. The maker, seller and repair shop for high end string instruments hire me to do many different types of shoots for them. Be it product shots, details of beautiful instruments, shots of the luthiers and staff working, portraits and headshots, images for their annual catalog, coverage of their special events, concerts or master classes, I am always pleased to hear they need me.

Here's a sampling of images taken for them over the past year.

• Johnson String Instrument/Carriage House Violins Catalog {Boston business photographer} *


I love working with Johnson. It's a nice change of pace and being around such craftsmanship is always so interesting and inspiring to me! Click on the shot of Amelia below to see the recent work I did (with the help of creative directors Maureen Wall,  Heather Shaw and  Silvija Kristapsons) for their catalog.  It's designed by Pat Nieshoff




CHV of Johnson String Instrument {Boston Event Photographer}

Carriage House Violins has been a client of mine for a while and I love working with this full service string instrument shop in Newton Upper Falls. Recently, they were bought by Johnson String Instrument, and I was happy to photograph the grande re-opening of Carriage House Violins or Johnson String Instrument. The day entailed lots of performances mostly by Boston area kids' groups, which was so much fun. The kids had such pride in their accomplishment!  And the evening had grown-up performers of exceptional talent (I'm sure they're proud of their accomplishments, too). All the while visitors could nosh on yummy apps, enjoy the music floating through the building,  and explore the company's beautiful new expanded space.

Reuning and Sons

I was very happy to have a chance to go back to Reuning and Sons and shoot for them. I was there to take some portraits, collect some "artsy" shots and I also caught a few funny moments, like the staff's reaction to owner Christopher Reuning's joke about a monkey piloting a plane. Always a lovely space to shoot in and such nice people to be around.