Emily & Jay {Boston wedding photographer, wedding photography}

Emily's mom Pat got a hold over me over the summer asking me if I'd be free to photograph her daughter's "non-wedding" in December. She conveyed to me at the time that Emily and her fiance Jay were headed to Kenya for work and when they are back for Christmas, they would like to get married at Cambridge City Hall and follow that with a small luncheon. Something different? I'm in!

I loved everything about Emily and Jay's day (and hopefully they did too!). They wore bright colors and had an easy nature about them. Cambridge City Hall is a beautiful building and the two were real troopers in the cold air afterwards during their portrait session.

The luncheon which followed at Upstairs on the Square* suited them with it's simultaneous vibrancy, whimsy and class.

* I'd link it but it's closing for good in a few days.

Just One More Step!

I recently joined Pinhole Press. Designing and receiving a sample album got me thinking about the tangible product aspect of what I do. One of the things that I love about my work is the displayable factor. Yes, it's very important that my clients are comfortable when I'm photographing them, and that they like my work, but what's most important, is that they can enjoy it well after my work is done. I worry that they will look through them on their computer, enjoy them, then get distracted by something shiny (you know, like, life or something) and never get around to making prints and framing them and getting them up where they can enjoy them.

I am always really flattered and happy when I visit a client for a session and see on their wall a framed photo from a session I had with them six months or a year before. In truth, seeing any photos on my clients' walls makes me happy, whether or not they are mine. Photography is a wonderful thing, and so are family and friends. Make them join forces!

So this entry is to simply remind you to not lose your momentum after a session! Keep pushing just a little bit longer and in the end, you'll have some great portraits around your home, or maybe even an album in hand!

Here is a 'Square Panoramic' from Pinhole Press. It's pages are heavy and lay flat to allow for full page spreads. Ooo La la !