The Hochbergs

So, I'm on vacation this week, but as I have booked a few sessions it is clear that I am not very good at actually BEING on vacation. No matter! I love my clients and I am happy to get them some nice photos of themselves and their families.

My friend Donna, who I went to high school with and see regularly still today, hired me to photograph her family as a gift to her mom. What a nice daughter!

It was fun to see her extended family since I don't normally see them and as I recall, her brother Sam was in diapers the last time I saw him (hopefully he never sees this blog entry since I'm not so sure how thrilled he'd be that I just typed, look at the nice pictures below! Distract distract!).

Donna bought a home a few years ago and with it a barn. In that barn - this very cool blue door. So, of course we used it!

It was a fun session, and poor sleepy Max, who was dangerously close to naptime managed to hang in there just fine for it. Well done little one!