Jack's Here! {Boston Family Newborn Photography}

I had the privilege of photographing Jessica and Brendan's wedding a few years ago and was so happy for them when I heard their little on had arrived. I was ever happier when they got in touch for me to photograph him. Here are some of my favorites!

• Sienna is Here! {Boston Area Newborn Photo Sessions} •

Too much time has passed since I had this delightful shoot with newborn Sienna with her big brother Asher and their parents Laurie and Jake. But, if you're familiar with my site you'll notice it's been redesigned. So I wanted to wait to post this entry until the new site was live.

Do a search for "Asher" and you'll find his newborn session from just a few short years ago. Do a search for "Laurie and Jake" and you'll find their wedding too!

Laurie and Jake told me they weren't positive about what name to choose for their little girl until she joined the world with her bright red hair, so Sienna she became.  They also say she's a feisty one. As a fellow redhead, I can appreciate that!

Myles is Here and Lily, Too! Sibling Photos Take on The World

Photographing six week old Myles was a breeze. His parents Joe and Emily are fun and relaxed, and you can't go wrong with a beautiful, bright little space in which to work.

The lively and spunky three year old sister is just a bonus. There's nothing like a joyous moving target to keep a happy photographer on her toes!

Vivian {Boston Newborn Photographer}

Vivian was also a New Years Day baby! Yay for 2014! I have photographed her big brother Finley many times (like here and here), and photographed their parents wedding, too. 

Not only was I babysitter to their dad, CJ (I was an extremely YOUNG babysitter!), but we have been friends for many years too. I love photographing them and I love how their love for one another come through in their sessions. Every time.

Finn is a happy, adored boy and Vivian is lucky to be joining this super fun family.

This one was tough to edit down!

Edith {Boston Newborn Photographer}

It's newborn month here at Cydney Scott Photography! This little peanut Edith is the baby of my dog walker, Amanda. Amanda and her mom Bonnie have been walking my Harlow since I adopted her a few months back.

Edith was born on New Year's Day and I got to her within a week and a half and got some shots. She's a doll!

Hunter's Back!

Somehow I managed to not share this session I had with Matt, Julia and Hunter back before the holidays, but I did. So now, I am sharing it, because Hunter is cute and that is all. I was happy to hear from Julia again after I'd photographed them right after Hunter's birth just a short while ago, and it's always fun to see how little ones have grown.

When I first walked in, I admired Hunter's hair, which sprouted straight up from his sweet head, "We can't control it" Julia said with a bit of pride and a sparkle in her eye.

Chris and Sam {Family Photographer Boston}

Sam is the Mayor of Adorableland and his twin brother Chris is the Baron von Cuteness of the area. I photographed their mom and dad back when they got hitched on a very very cold but happy day. And now, here are the boys, joining in on their parents' fun and silly antics.

Hunter's Here

This session with Julia, Matt, two-and-a-half week old Hunter, and Bono the dog took place a while back and I'm just now blogging it. Sheesh! But it was a great session - Matt and Julia had awesome light in their home. Lucky me!