Diane Arbusing

Diane Arbusing, you ask?  Yes, there is such a thing. I have decided that Arbusing is a verb, right here, right now, as I type this.

I cannot express how much I love these photos. They were taken at a "photo booth" at my friend Debby's wedding in California last weekend. Maybe I like it because I never have my picture taken. Maybe I love it because it's with her and I adore her. Maybe it's because I was her mentor when she was an intern at The Palm Beach Post seven years ago (yikes!) and we have remained friends ever since.

When she was an intern with the Post, she came over for a Halloween party after some crazy late-night shoot she had to do, because, well, she was the intern and sometimes as an intern you get stuck with that stuff. We were feeling silly and decided to take a goofy, serious photo (yes, I do see the paradox), which we both joked later, as I recall, that it looked like a twisted version of the already somewhat twisted shot by Diane Arbus of a set of twins looking straight at the camera. (That photo from seven years ago is at the bottom of this entry).

Skip forward seven years and Debby is getting married and here we are again, still dressed up but much more grown-up like (well, sort of).

At first we had a hard time pulling it together, of course.

Then we managed it.

and this is the old one.