I recently had the pleasure of meeting William, who is a friend of Noah's. For our session with William and his mom and dad, we went to a nearby park, ran around, blew some bubbles...it was a jolly time!

A very nice response from Amanda, William's mom, after she got a chance to look at and share her photos;

Hi Cydney, I wanted to share... on Monday I had sent my dad (who lives in NC) the link to the pictures.  He had had an especially tough day.  I was on the phone with him as he went through, and his reaction to EACH and every one was priceless.  He is in a lot of physical pain (long story) and he said that after looking at those pictures he couldn't even feel the pain.  He truly was thrilled and kept complimenting your work.  He also said, which I had thought the same thing, that when he thinks of William and his personality, you captured a piece of each aspect of him.  So I wanted to thank you for such an amazing gift... hearing his joy was the best! ~Amanda