Leah and James' Wedding

When I approached one of my couples months ago and told them that I would be looking for a second shooter to join me at their wedding because (yikes!), I had to have SURGERY on my non-healing broken collar bone, I was really concerned that they might flip-out. Or at the very least, my situation would make them very nervous. I assured them that I would be able to shoot, and that my friend and colleague would be coming as a little extra help should I need it. I couldn't have asked for a nicer couple to start off my foray into wedding photography. They were all that's fine, dude, but how's your shoulder?

Last weekend, I went to Orange, MA for their wedding armed with my gear, a second shooter, lots of Tylenol and weeks of physical therapy behind me. All went well and I felt something I didn't really anticipate feeling; privileged that they chose me to document this historic event in their lives.

The wedding was completely cool; all of the food was locally grown. The flowers were all wild and again, from the area. There was bread baking in an outdoor oven and, brace yourself, a pig on a spit.

Now, it all sounds very backyardish, but it was really a very elegant affair. The bride was beautiful and the clouds finally cleared! Not to mention all of the family and guests were so friendly! A good time all around.

Here are a few...