Deirdre and Jeremy Get Hitched

Deirdre, who's from the area but now resides in Texas, got a hold of me months back about her Monday wedding. Yes, you read that right. Monday.  So, I met her and her fiance Jereme and their sweet little boy Liam, along with their closest family members, on the rocks at Halibut State Park. If you haven't been, you must! It's absolutely gorgeous. There was a bagpiper, and kilts, and a sister who married them. It was quite cool. It was a beautiful day with no rain and the couple weren't the least bit phased when they realized they'd left their rings at home and had to  borrow someone else's for the time being.

The people of Rockport could not have been cooler about our descending on their little downtown to shoot portraits here and there. Deirdre and Jereme even got a free ice cream out of the deal!