Jade's Cuties

When I arrived at Jade's house, I introduced myself to her daughter, Sierra, and asked her to show me her room. I often do this to help kids feel more comfortable about me being in their home; by showing interest in all their cool stuff and engaging them in conversation. It helps me too, to get to know them a little bit. She proudly showed me all her pink and purple things. Including a clock which let her know when it was ready to wake-up, ready to get out of "time out" and so on. (A lot of us could use one of those "time out" clocks, I think.) With little wings on and a skirt of tulle, I knew she would be up for some fairy-like jumping on the bed. So, with Mom's permission, jumping ensued...as did the rest of our session with her, her parents, and little brother, Brayden.