Introducing Jeremiah!

This morning I came home at 3:30 from attending an at-home birth! Linda and her husband allowed me in their home to photograph the arrival of their son, Jeremiah, in return for copies of the pictures.

I am hoping to start photographing at-home births (I will stay with at-home births because most hospitals won't allow photographers in). It's a great way to document an important event for a client, and for me it's more of what I love to do - be a fly on the wall and document life. In this case, the arrival of one.

I received a call from the midwife's student at 5:20 on Christmas Eve morning and headed to Linda's home. About twenty long hours later, after many stops and starts, Jeremiah arrived after just fifteen minutes of pushing. Linda was incredible! Despite there being at least six people in her home at any given time throughout her labor, and despite the slow progression of her labor, she was impressively patient. I never heard her complain once. She never gave-up, either.

Here are a few pictures from the event. I intend to post more once I edit the shoot and clear them with Linda and her husband.

Breathing through the surges (aka contractions)

Meeting big brother.

Little man of the hour. Born on Christmas!