Too Many Blogs

I have too many blogs. Initially, I wanted to separate my professional work at Boston University from my Cydney Scott Photography work. I am not, after all, shooting for BU as Cydney Scott Photography; it's just Cydney Scott. Plain old Cyd. I also, however, did not want those interested in seeing my Cydney Scott Photography work to be bogged down with searching through all my BU work. So, here's what I've decided; I'm going to post my BU work on a monthly basis, and when I do so, I will do so all at once, like this entry from the month of July.

I'm sure there will be some type of glitch with this that I hadn't though of because as I type this it's nearly midnight, but for now, this is what I'm goin' with. I hope you like seeing it all in one place!

- Cydney

If you'd like to know more about any of these photos, you can find them HERE


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