Mini sessions can be intimidating. It's nice because you aren't investing a ton of time for a full-length session*, and maybe a bit more stress-provoking because of that shorter time period. But worry not! With a bit of prep and an open mind, we're going to get some awesome shots together!

Here are tips to rock your mini-session.

When you arrive for your mini session, we will get started by simply taking a walk. This helps me seek out the best light, combats boredom by not requiring anyone to sit in one spot for too long, and helps keep the images spontaneous. Hey, if you wanted a predictable environment, you would have gone to the mall, right? This is way more fun!

WHAT TO WEAR - Avoid paler colors like pastels, and grays since they tend to flatten skin tones.  Stick with colors you know you and your family look good in. Don't be afraid of bold colors, unless it's really not your style. Avoid a lot of patterns as well.

Everyone in matching chinos and white polos (or even jeans and matching tops) will give your photos a dated look which you won't likely appreciate years from now. Not everyone needs to be wearing the same color, just make sure they don't clash. Stay at one end of the color spectrum; reds, oranges, and yellows, or blues, purple, and greens, etc. If you go with the same color, mix it up by choosing varying clothing styles to show each person's individuality. If you all look the same, how will your personalities shine through?

Basically, everyone should wear something they're comfortable in, feel confident wearing. 

When dressing little ones, avoid shirts with phrases or words on them (actually, this goes for people of all ages). It will be very hard to make them readable in your photos, and will likely distract from the real focus of the photo. Avoid fussy (think sailor suit). If they're not used to hats and headbands, skip them. We won't get natural shots of your child if they are too busy yanking their clothes and accessories off (although that would be hilarious, I'm guessing they are not the shots you're hoping for!). Dressing your child (or letting them dress themselves!) to show their personality can really add to their photos.

Does you're little one have a ragged bunny she can't part with? Let Bunny join the session! It will only add personality and nostalgia to your collection. 

Do your best to not book during nap times, and whatever you do, don't let your little ones (or big people) get hangry. Make sure they are fed and have had a potty-break beforehand (there's a bathroom at the park where the mini sessions will be taking place). I do not recommend carrying a snack around with you during your actual session. Food turns into a real distraction. Snacks before, and promises of snacks after, that seems to work best. 

So, in recap - show up ten minutes before your session start time, don't be too matchy-matchy with your clothing choices, put some food in bellies, and don't bring along distracting things like big toys or food to the session.

Just remember to go with the flow and enjoy the experience, and know that you're going to have some lovely shots when all is shot and done!

I can't wait to work with you soon!

* If you're interested in booking a full length session, that will allow you to choose any time outside the mini session weekend, and a location of your choice. With more wiggle room, there's a bit more time to relax, and I can even come to you. Shoot me an email if you're interested.